“I work with executives and senior management to enable them to maximise their potential in a supportive, and collaborative way.”

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Coaching Packages

Contact Neil for a no obligation (free) initial introductory meeting to explore your coaching requirements.

Catalyst - Achieve Your Goals Faster

This 2 hour session will help you reflect, gain different perspectives, define your goals and produce an actionable and adaptable plan to move forward quickly and confidently.

Maximize Your Performance & Potential

Work with Neil over 6 to 8 sessions to identify your essential positive qualities and areas for growth, then develop a set of actionable outcomes to maximize your performance and reach your peak potential.

Transform Your Career & Your Life

Access the most comprehensive support available in uncovering your vision, defining your goals and capitalising on your essential positive qualities and skills, to successfully transition to a new professional chapter.

360 Leadership Assessment

Take charge of your own personal development (app based) with the help of  self-assessment and feedback from people in your network. Multiple rounds of feedback enables progress to be evaluated  over time.

About Harper Coaching

The focus of my Professional Coaching practice is to provide one on one coaching to Executives and Senior Management in a supportive and collaborative way.

I work with Clients, starting where they are, to craft a meaningful and fulfilling way forward which can include enhanced leadership effectiveness through:

  • Self-awareness and understanding impact on others
  • Interpersonal skills and relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Leadership 360 assessment
  • Teamwork and team effectiveness
  • Building the capacity for continuous self-development
  • Setting goals and actions to achieve these

Coaching outcomes are measurable with clear progress demonstrated over the course of a coaching program. I have been providing professional coaching services to senior leadership for over 10 years.  I also provide Mentor Coaching services to other Coaches in training – www.mentorcoaching.co.uk

I hold the Professional Coach Credential (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  My foundational coach training is based on the Integral model which means inclusive of everything, a holistic approach.  I have also trained in the Enneagram and its application in the business context.

Prior to establishing my Professional Coaching practice (2011), I was an Executive in the financial services sector where I built up extensive leadership and management experience. I hold a BComm (Accounting & Economics), a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and attended an Executive Development program at Harvard Business School.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Management Coaching

Enneagram in Business

Leadership 360 Assessment

The Enneagram in Business

As part of a coaching programme with Neil, there is the opportunity to understand yourself and your leadership style, in the context of the Enneagram, and to explore this in support of your personal and professional development.


Catalyst – Achieve Your Goals Faster

“One of my goals as the CEO of UKco is to improve the leadership behaviour of my senior leadership team. A recent employee engagement survey indicated that my staff do not have much faith in the leadership team. After struggling to produce a coherent plan to improve leadership performance, I decided to engage Neil to coach me through the process. Neil suggested a Catalyst Coaching Session to reflect, gain a different perspective, and come up with a workable plan to take forward into action. The end result was a great workshop with my senior leadership team with high levels of engagement and commitment to the required leadership behaviour. I am now looking forward to the results of our next Employee Engagement survey and I highly recommend Neil for the Catalyst Coaching package.” - Fred, CEO UKco


Transform Your Career & Your Life

“Firstly, I want to mention Neil’s calm demeanour and listening ability, it is superb, I loved it…it helped calm whatever storm that was raging inside of me. He helped me in unpacking my personal growth journey ambitions and we crafted a practical way forward to achieve my career objectives.  At the time, I was at a crossroads in my career.  He was able to help me with the clarity I needed to proceed with my next career chapter.  What I liked with his approach was that it was a holistic one that also ensured my mental health good, while also focusing on implementing my career plan based on his guidance.  Neil’s has had a positive impact on my career and I still refer back to his coaching notes every time I feel like I need a reminder.”

– Zizipho Nyanga, Chief Entrepreneurship Office, UBank


Maximize Your Performance & Potential

“Neil, through his wealth of knowledge and experience, and together with his wonderfully attentive nature, is easily able to facilitate a deep and meaning exploration into ones psyche. My coaching experience with Neil has provided me with clarity of purpose, the motivation to drive continuous self improvement, and importantly, the courage to be my genuine self 100% of the time.” 

– Sean Hemphill,CFO of American Tower


Transform Your Career & Your Life

“Neil was able to efficiently contextualise my growth opportunities and design a coaching plan I could easily identify with. Although originally focused on professional aspects, he was able to incorporate a holistic programme which challenged me both personally and professionally creating both the balance and growth needed. I would highly recommend Neil as a guide to anyone undergoing a leadership journey.”

- Tony Johnson, Executive Head: Group Credit Portfolio Management, Nedbank


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